The Creativity Crisis

The Creativity Crisis

Remember how easy it was to be creative when you were a kid? Dreaming up fun games, building the best forts, painting new pictures, writing original stories and songs…? It’s all a cinch when you’re small. That’s because every kid is born a creative star. They’re born optimistic and imaginative.

Creativity improves kids’ moods, problem-solving ability, self-esteem and emotional intelligence. Imagination encourages kids to explore and engage with all around them. It also helps them relieve stress and discover what they’re best at so that they can share their unique gifts to improve the world.

And yet, we're in a creativity crisis. “Imagination is the source of every form of human achievement. And it’s the one thing that I believe we are systematically jeopardizing in the way we educate our children and ourselves,” said Sir Ken Robinson, our favorite author and education advisor. In his (most watched of all time!) 2006 TED Talk, he declared "creativity is as important as literacy and should be treated with the same status." Then he followed it with wonderful books like Creative Schools to transform how we're teaching our kids.

Sadly, the same standards-obsessed education system and corporate cultures that stigmatize mistakes are still in place and dominate today. Erin and I have been lucky enough to stay in touch with our creativity, and we bonded while dreaming up new ideas at work together.

We've realized how important it is to pass on the power of creativity to not only our own kids, but to all kids. We want to nurture their imaginations so their inner brightness shines and they can share their sparkle with the world. Join us as we explore and decide how best to do it...

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