Springtime Inspiration

Springtime Inspiration

Lately, what's old is new again as we find antiques and art can be more eco-friendly, unique and fun to fix up. We grabbed a cold brew to talk creative trends, fashion and parenting with Carissa Stevens and Kaelen Morris of Scout Studios, curators of beautiful things as featured in top home decor magazines.

1. Why do you think it's important to solve the creativity crisis for kids? 

Being creative is a great way to solve problems, to learn a sense of self, and to be expressive. We scour the globe for creative finds for our clients, and have seen how creativity helps kids foster an ability to interact with the world around them. Plus, we love seeing the cute projects they create! 

2. How do you help kids stay creative?

I love to bring older kids with me to museums (online lately!) and encourage them to talk about the art. What is inspiring about what they see? What do they love about the pieces on display? With our smallest, we paint, dance, color, play imaginary games - all while letting him lead the exploration.

3. What kind of drinks and snacks help your kids be more imaginative?

We wish there were more options out there... maybe with packaging that we could use to make projects with after we used it or with fun designs that inspired little minds. There are so few healthy options that actually taste good!! It's so hard to help kiddos make great choices that are convenient when they do not taste great. I do know though that I'd love for our kids to drink more water!! Our youngest is an oat milk baby, but water that was fun and hydrating would be so helpful to stay hydrated.

4. How do you unlock your own creativity?

Small activities that we can complete in a short period of time help us stay creative, like painting a piece of furniture that I love. Or pouring through the shelves at a thrift shop, finding old pieces that I can pair to make a beautiful new outfit. That's really where I find a lot of creativity comes from for me.

I also love magazines as a source of inspiration. I see a pattern on a dress in a new designer's collection, and it might inspire me to use it on a custom piece of furniture. Also, in our hometown, the Oklahoma City Museum of Modern Art is fantastic. The amazing artist, Kehinde Wiley, came here and his colors were so bright and vibrant, it inspired me to buy bright pieces that sold right away!


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