Creativity Without the Buzz with Kait Brown

Creativity Without the Buzz with Kait Brown

Kait Brown is the founder of Savorista, who before founding her business was in an extremely stressful period of her life - one of endless work hours, a parent with cancer, and anxiety. As she began to think about how she could live a more fulfilled life, she took a journey of a lifetime that lead her to the founding of her business, Savorista, a caffeine conscious coffee brand. 

1. Why do you think it’s important to save kids' creativity?

We all start out so creative as kids. As we get older we start to feel like there are “right answers” and “the right way” to do something and can become less flexible and less creative. Helping kids retain their creativity is so important for problem solving, empathy, and just having fun and enjoying life. 
2. How do you help your kids stay creative?
Baby is in the womb right now, but we sing to the baby a lot. In the future, I see play, games and music being important. Also, making it clear that there are multiple ways of doing things rather than insist that they do things “the right way,” which will help them flex their creativity muscles!
3. What kind of drinks and snacks help your kids be more imaginative?
In our home, we are always trying out new recipes. We like to cook and eat food from around the world and try out different flavor combinations. My husband does an excellent job presenting food in a beautiful and fun way (or by hiding a smiley face in the meal somewhere -- is that weird to admit when our child isn’t born yet?) Our first baby is still in the womb and won’t eat solid food for a while, but I’ve read that exposing baby to a variety of flavors in the womb and via breast milk helps long term willingness to try and explore new foods. These unique and different foods will foster a curiosity for flavor, and inspire baby to be creative with food, too!
4. How do you unlock your own creativity?

We are a pretty musical family. We are often making up parody songs applying real life happenings to our favorite tunes. I also love being out in nature and gardening. It helps me clear my head of the day to day work and “to dos” which can stifle my creativity.

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