It's Getting REAL

This week we have made a big decision - we have found a partner to help us create our ideas! We have been working our network and are thrilled to find an experienced pair who are as excited about Starryside as we are. Now, the next challenge: can we make our dream product that's perfect for kids and parents?! We hope so!

One of the best parts on our call with the team this week: while discussing our concepts, Emma, my five-year-old daughter, really wanted to join the call. As we were wrapping up, I introduced her to the team, and she excitedly presented her ideas, too. Raspberries, cupcakes, rainbows, unicorns, and more - she and her sister are a fountain of creativity who inspire our starry-selves. We even asked our kids to work on packaging designs and logos to help us as we think about how to bring our ideas to life as we strive to harness their creativity. 

What will next week bring? More progress, I'm sure.

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