Cooking Intuitively with Anaïs Goldberg

Cooking Intuitively with Anaïs Goldberg

Anaïs Goldberg is a stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur and creator of Cook Intuitively with Anais. She tapped into her innate gifts, love of food and flavor, and memories in the kitchen with her Mexican and Cuban grandmas to start her own business. Her online inspiration and interactive courses free you from recipes to be more creative in the kitchen. Our kind of cooking! She's mom of three young girls, and shared her thoughts on creativity with us. 

1. Why do you think it’s important to save kids' creativity?

Kids' imaginations are so boundless. They are capable of coming up with much more interesting ideas than any adult can ever offer. When we as adults feel the impulse to lead children's play or offer solutions to their problems, they lose those creative problem-solving skills and stop using their imaginations.

2. How do you help your kids stay creative?

I limit screen time and let them work out their own problems. I try to resist the urge to solve their complaints about "boredom." Boredom is an opportunity... what can you create? How can you entertain yourself? I'm always amazed by the ideas the girls come up with when they're free of distractions.

3. What kind of drinks and snacks help your kids be more imaginative?

My girls love putting together tea parties, and they even ask for tea made from fresh mint. I'll put out a tiered tray with an assortment of sliced fruit and nuts and dark chocolate, and watch as they create an entire dialogue around the event. I love watching them be creative with food - just like me!

4. How do you unlock your own creativity?

My creativity is released when I cook. I get inspiration when I go to the farmers' market or ethnic food stores and find an ingredient that I'm unfamiliar with. I'll usually look around for someone who is buying something that looks interesting, and ask them for advice. How do they prepare it? What is their favorite way to use it? From there, my imagination takes over and I can't wait to get home and start cooking.

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