Flavorful Inspiration with Clara Paye

Flavorful Inspiration with Clara Paye

UNiTE Food was inspired by fearless female founder, Clara Paye, who didn’t see herself represented in the nutrition bar aisle. She's inspired by travel, adventure and imagination to bake a brand on a mission to capture the magic of family favorites made in kitchens across the globe.

1. Why do you think it’s important to save kids' creativity?

There totally is a creativity crisis! Often I feel like there are very few original thoughts out there... It’s fine to be inspired by others, but I think true visionaries are the most inspiring. I want my kids to feel empowered and energized to dream the impossible - and then go and do it!

2. How do you help your kids stay creative?

We make up stories together where one person starts and the rest add one sentence at a time. It’s super fun and is kind of like a mad lib (am I dating myself?). Also, we have a dedicated art table at our house where all sorts of art supplies are at the ready for whenever imagination strikes. It’s used almost daily, and I'm lucky if I can keep enough supplies on hand! We always need more glitter - my kids love anything sparkly!

3. What kind of drinks and snacks help your kids be more imaginative?

I like involving my kids in cooking or baking. I feel like that’s when they get to help make decisions about what we should add, which unlocks their creativity. As far as snacks, we play this game they learned on You Tube where they are blindfolded and have to eat whatever is on their plate. Think: pickled onions to candy. It’s hilarious and a fun way to get them to try different things. But I really do wish there were more inspiring items for them at snack time. Our brand, Unite Foods, is on a mission to bring more global flavors to the bar aisle, and I wish someone would think about how to inspire the next generation too!

4 How do you unlock your own creativity (activities, sources of inspiration)?

Cultivating creativity to me requires time and space. I found that, in my own life, being in nature helps me to think more creatively. It could be taking a walk, swimming or even just being in water, where I tend to have my best ideas. Nothing like a relaxing float in a Southern California pool to let my mind wander to its most inspired places!

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