Must Love Creativity

Must Love Creativity

With a background in brand management, co-founder Hannah Hong serves as the creative side of the better-for-you ice cream brand. From a young age, Hong knew she wanted to pursue a career in the food industry because it touches every person’s life and has the unique ability to connect all people. Alongside her best friend of 16 years, Mollie Cha, Hong combined her love of food and interest in health and wellness to start Must Love in 2016.

1. Why do you think it’s important to save kids' creativity?
I think being able to exercise your creativity as an adult in problem solving is a critical life skill. So exercising your creative muscle as a kid is important to strengthening that skill! Like anything in life, it takes hard work to develop creativity skills, so the sooner you start, the better!

2. How do you help your kids stay creative?
We read a lot of books and play pretend, having fun with different voices as we read, or different outfits as we pretend together. We start a lot of play with “what if” scenarios and let her take them where she will!

3. What kind of drinks and snacks help your kids be more imaginative?
We have a lot of fun decorating toast with different spreads (nut butter, avocado, etc.) and cut fruit. Doesn’t mean she eats it all, but it helps sometimes. We talk a lot about Mommy's work and how we reimagined (n)ice cream and dream up the yummiest flavors together - like our tasty Cashew Cookie Dough. We wish there were better options for the lunchbox that are easy for me, healthy for her, and still a little fun!

4 How do you unlock your own creativity (activities, sources of inspiration)?
I think seeing the world through your little one’s eyes really helps activate your own creativity. It’s like learning about the world and its possibilities all over again! I also love to talk to friends who have different careers and passions than myself. It helps me see things from a different lens, allowing my mind to ponder other challenges and potentially apply them to my business. 


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