Starryside Founders

Hi! We're Liz and Erin.

Since becoming parents, we've been worried about the decline in kids’ creativity. Experts call it the “creativity crisis” as test-centric education and risk-averse corporate culture stifle imagination. Without original thinking, kids won’t find their passions or rise to the challenge of solving the world’s biggest problems (we have a few!). 

We're inspired by the late, great Sir Ken Robinson who delivered the most-watched TED Talk of all time about how important creativity is in education. We realized part of the problem is old thinking in what they eat and drink too. More than half of American kids aren't hydrated and yet, the kids’ drink aisle haven't changed much for years!

Some juice boxes are loaded with sugar in landfill-bound boxes and pouches so we set out to collab with kids to create a better version for everyone. With and for fellow families, we're dreaming up drinks and snacks to bring imagination back to lunchboxes and beyond.

About Starryside

Creativity isn't taught. It lives within each of us. When kids’ creativity is nurtured, they can explore, dream and discover unique talents to share their sparkle with the world. But too often, creativity is boxed, stifled or snuffed out.

We want to change that to help kids stay creative.

That's why we started Starryside, a brand that strives to quench curiosity and feed innovation. With fellow parents and kids, we’re dreaming up snacks and drinks that encourage more imaginative, entrepreneurial thinking. 

When you look on the sunny side, you see what's positive. When you look on the Starryside, you see what's possible. We can't thank you enough for being here with us and hope you'll join us to look - and live - on the #Starryside.