About Us

Creativity isn't taught. It lives within each of us. When kids’ creativity is nurtured, they can explore, dream and discover their unique talents to truly shine. But too often, creativity is boxed, stifled and snuffed out. We want to change that and ensure kids’ creativity lasts.

We’re Starryside, a new, natural drink and snack company that fuels kids’ inventiveness. We strive to quench curiosity, feed creativity, and encourage kids to continue their quest to think – and drink – outside the box so they can share their sparkle with the world.

Starryside was started by two magic moms in Colorado and California who believe nutrition and imagination are linked. That’s why, with fellow parents and kids, we’re dreaming up snacks and drinks to help kids’ creativity shine. And it starts now, on the Starryside.

Live on the #Starryside.