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Star Water Best Sellers 12 pack

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"Knock knock.
Who's there?
Water who?
Water you waiting for? Taste all three flavors!"
- Isabelle, age 9

When kids are hydrated and healthy, they can think more imaginatively. That's why we made organic, immunity-boosting Star Water in adventure-ready cans as a more creative way for littles to stay hydrated.

The Variety Pack is your chance to experience all three of our very first. flavors. Inside you'll find...

Our Magical Mango Pineapple, a refreshing taste of the tropics with tangy pineapple and juicy mango flavor.

Our Beachy Peachy Strawberry, a fruity orchard blend of fresh peach and ripe strawberry flavor.

Our Rockin' Root Beer, a classic fave made new with all the taste of sweet sassafras and none of the sugar.

Keep them for your fam, share them with friends, or gift them to someone who needs more creative ways to stay hydrated.

⭐ Zero sugar, calories or juice

⭐ Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free

⭐ Fortified with vitamins and minerals

⭐ Infinitely recyclable packaging